What We Believe


"Every person we meet is a perspective soul for the Kingdom"

We believe that the power of the gospel can be delivered through in person as well as a virtual presence. Thus the use of technological tools and the guidance of the Holy Spirit are our platform for worship; outreach, teaching, and fellowship. We continue to grow in leaps and bounds spiritually, and in the way we live for and in Christ Jesus. We preach Jesus Christ and teach through the Word of God, appreciation for God, Family Values, Self Worth, and Love for Others.

We strongly and rightly believe that we, the people of God are the church and where and when we gather virtually... there... is the church. Christ is not returning for a building but for his people, his church, for us. 

We invite you to fellowship and worship with us. Our theme going forward is "New Paths, New Roads, and Developing REALationships" in a virtual environment.