What We Believe



To FOSTER an atmosphere of true worship,

REAP souls for Christ,

and EMPOWER the people of God

to live in EXCELLENCE,

through Outreach, Teaching, and Fellowship.

Our Vision

We will live each day in Excellence through Jesus Christ

that we might walk in Expectation of the Salvation of the Almighty God.

Our Motto

(Our motto is derived from our Vision)

Living in Excellence, We Walk in Expectation. 


Our Mantra

Every person we meet is a perspective soul for the Kingdom.

RHEMA Christian Fellowship Ministry was established in 2009. RHEMA is a powerful ministry filled with love and appreciation for God and His people. We are growing in leaps and bounds spiritually, and in the way we live for and in Christ Jesus. We preach Jesus Christ and teach through the Word of God, appreciation for God, Family Values, Self Worth, and Love for Others.

We strongly and rightly believe that we, the people of God are the church and where and when we gather... there... is the church. Christ is not returning for a building but for his people, his church, for us. 

We invite you to come fellowship and worship with us. Our theme for this year is "New Paths, New Roads, and Developing REALationships". Service times and dates are published here. Sunday Study classes are conducted every 4th Sunday of the month.