Thursday Night Bible Study

Breaking The Word With RHEMA

RHEMA Bible Study

Thursday Night Bible Study is an online virtual experience which appears here on our page as well as on FaceBook & Youtube every Thursday evening at 6:30 P.M..

Our Method?

We use the Inductive Study Method to study the Word of God. Precept Ministry's Inductive Bible Study Method ( is a powerful and unique method that changes lives and helps people grow in their relationship with God through His Word. We at RHEMA help lead and direct through teaching and studying, with the recognition that true changing power comes not from following RHEMA's leaders, but from Scripture itself. Join 'US' and experience, first-hand how this form of study helps individuals know God through His Word and be changed by the truth of what they discover.

How Are Lessons Conducted?

Scriptures of study are assigned based on topics, chapter, or Bible books. We advise independent reading of the text and then coming together for an in-depth study; noting keywords, key phrases, geographical locations, author, key people, and literary styles. Taking notes and discovering how to mark the text is crucial in identifying essential content therein. Most importantly, we interrogate the text, asking questions using the "5 W's and H"; Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?

Short (10-20 minute) daily assignments are encouraged using a "Day To Day Study Guide" for preparation each week. Meet 'US' each Thursday Night as you join Pastor & Elder Harris in their actual study time.

Where To Find Lessons and Assignments?

RHEMA's Website Page will be used for online classroom resources. The purpose for using the webpage is to allow our RHEMA "Bible Scholars" access to schedules, assignments, handouts, and videos that may be used in Thursday Night lessons. It is also a place where the instructor will post recorded sessions so that those, who miss the live online session can review lessons, assignments, and discussions at their convenience. Online classroom resources can be found here under the Menu items.

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If you desire to learn how to read and understand the Bible or you miss discussing scripture with someone please consider joining us. If you have any further questions, concerns, or feedback please email Elder Harris at